We started in 1975 as a small family bakery in Athienou, a village in Larnaca. Today we are one of the most recognised Groups in Cyprus operating within the food industry, with a presence in the United States of America. With more than 100 points of sale and three production units, we are constantly evolving and innovating to provide delicious and quality experiences of delight. We are the team of Zorbas Bakeries, Pralina Confectioneries & Pralina Experience restaurants, Pinolo restaurant, Coffee Berry cafes, The French Workshop stores in New York, Kayak ice cream, and the MAZI Foundation.

We are our values

Quality, trust, and creativity are the values with which we started and continue to serve to this day. Every product we create and every service we offer, reflects these values. We select the finest ingredients and create flavours you can trust, putting love and care into every venture. We are inspired by the needs of everyday life, which we translate into flavours and actions.

We are our actions

We are by your side every moment, offering unique taste experiences and excellent service. At the same time, we believe that serving society is our highest duty. Thus, through a series of corporate social responsibility actions, we seek to contribute to the local community and help improve the quality of life.

We are our people

We are a team of more than 3,000 members working in the Zorbas Group. We build long-term relationships based on mutual respect, honesty, and courtesy. After all, we firmly believe that mutual understanding and constructive cooperation lead to our development.

We are new possibilities

We provide our people with opportunities for continuous training and upgrowth. In addition, we strongly emphasise innovation, research, and further development of our team’s expertise. All this gives us the impetus to continuously grow our Group with new stores, departments, products, and brands in Cyprus and abroad.


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